Read reflections and advice from team members who have experienced a virtual interview. Check back for updates.

Friday, 9/18/2020:

"Glad to be of help for UVA nursing. I think everything went beautifully. I really have no tips. Great job!"
Annie Dodd

"Liked being able to Participate and share experiences from palliative care and how that relates to the other clinics."
Lee Klemptner, RN

"I was so impressed with the performance from the entire committee! I am very proud to be a UVAH nurse! Thanks and congratulations to the leadership who worked hard to prepare us!"
Beth Frackleton, RN

"The Appraiser’s questions and interest in what we were telling her. Be yourself and the rest will fall in place. The Appraisers were great and made it easy."
Dawn Shaver, RN

"Opportunity to share some the initiatives that we are collaborating and supporting nursing on. Share specific experience(s) where you worked on a common patient care goal w/ nursing."
Dwayne Pitre

"The interview provided us with a very positive time for reflection on how we have succeeded as nurses and as an institution during pre-COVID times. While everyone has worked so hard lately and done amazing work during the pandemic, it was refreshing to recognize the achievement that we have made, not out of necessity but out of a desire for improvement and quality patient care. Stay calm and feel free to prompt each other and fill in gaps after someone answers if they left something important out. Also, think about what personally makes UVA great for you and have an answer that is genuine."
Harrison Okin, RN

"It was my first Magnet interview so I was excited about the whole process. Relax, smile, and shine! It’s not as nerve wracking as I thought it would be."
Maria Mangampat, RN

"I feel like in the weeks leading up to our site visit, many nurses were feeling the fatigue of both the personal and professional demands of the pandemic and were feeling less than “magnetic”. However, I think the energy generated this week in all of the interviews has reinvigorated us and reminded us of our culture of professional nursing at UVA and how much we truly have to be proud of. I feel like there is a buzz in the whole hospital! Thank you so much to JT and the whole Magnet prep team...we could not have done it without your (sometimes tough) love and support."
Mary Farrelly, RN

"Being chosen to present to the interviewers, was an honor. And to be apart of retaining Magnet Status. Relax, enjoy your time it goes fast! Speak to what you know and give examples of your hard work."
Tamela Durrett, RN

"This was my first time being an active participate in the Magnet Site Visit so I was very anxious in the beginning but the appraisers made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. It felt like an everyday conversation with your colleagues. The energy and excitement from everyone, gave me the confidence to want to share my story. I'm proud to say that I was apart of this experience!!!! Be calm, be yourself, and be proud!"
Jeanell Webb-Jones, RN

"Being involved in important Medical Center initiative was exciting. Be engaged."
William Brady

"It was very energizing and nice to hear from others in our sister units that we may not always see. You could definitely see the pride in all the staff with what we do! Just relax-I was very nervous, but the interviewer was very nice and it just seemed like a conversation not an “interview”.
Contadina Ashwell, RN

"I felt that our Magnet Interviewer was genuinely interested to hear about our unit, the staff, and our leadership. It felt great to share some of our accomplishments and how we impact our community. Our hospital and all of our departments have so much to offer to our patients and each other. Just let your light shine!"
Beatrix Croswell, RN

"It was fun to see how much our appraiser enjoyed hearing our patient care stories. Relax and enjoy sharing the great work you do."

"It was interesting to hear what other areas are doing. This was nothing like I expected. Don’t stressI"
Lynn Schebe, RN

"The appraiser was so personable and created a welcoming and non threatening environment. Relax! Talk about all the things you do on a daily basis and the excellent care you provide."
Amanda Carter Johnson, RN

"Uplifting and inspiring. It was exciting to hear examples of how our organization is similar to a big family working to achieve a common goal. The conversations smoothly evolved as it was easy to relate to the preceding person's shared experience. The Appraisers were lighthearted and friendly. It's helpful to have a list of key ideas to present. Have fun with this experience!"
Christine Owens, RN

"The ease of the conversation! Being able to play off my teammates to show off the areas in where we shine.  Not to worry! Take a breath and just talk about all the wonderful things you and your team is already doing!"
Brittany Huth, RN

"Our ability to share the amazing work we do for our special patient population. Just relax and let your good work do the talking."
Kelly Godsey, RN

"The dynamic virtual interview setting was exciting. The overall vibe was positive inquiry which truly fostered clinician comfort with sharing stories that demonstrated our Magnet worthiness. Relax! This is about sharing our growth and improvement as an organization which we have demonstrated again and again in so many ways."
MJ Willis, RN

Thursday, 9/17/2020:

"Our interview group had SO much energy and very thoughtful answers. It was contagious - the appraisers barely had time to ask questions as were giving them rapid-fire responses! The appraisers truly put you at ease, so relax and brag - we got this!"
Laquita Pinchback, RN

"Was excited about the enthusiasm of the entire group I was with. Have something in mind that you feel was a great accomplishment and feel free to share. If you wait too long you may not get an opportunity to talk about it."
Steve Morton, RN

"I hate talking in groups and dreaded this, but it was down to earth and easier to speak than I thought it would be. If you keep the conversation going, they won't have time to ask a lot of questions. Just speak about what you enjoy about your job here."
Jeri Cohen, RN

"Loved just having the opportunity to show how excited we are about all the wonderful things the nurses in our department have done and been involved in. Breath and relax. It’s very much an informal conversation where you can show off your many accomplishments."
Danita, RN

"I like being able to hear my teammate talk about all that she had done on the unit. I also liked talking about the education on our unit and the orienting our clinicisn1s."
Brenda Griswold, RN

"It provided the opportunity to reflect in my units many accomplishments; speaking about the hue of clinical 1, research trial participation, blood product prescribing, and the urgent care clinic opening."
Mariah Brant, RN

"Was exciting to let the appraiser know what we’ve done to improve pt care."
Jamie Overstreet, RN

"Liked sharing the great nursing projects our team has been involved in. Know at least 2 things you are excited about and be willing to jump in and share them."
Meaghan Burkett, RN

"I am inspired by the excellent nursing care and leadership at the bedside. Relax! You know how awesome you are. Just tell them what you are proud of."
Amy Jordan, RN

"lt was a friendly discussion. We got to hear the positive things about work and experiences with our patients. Review in your own mind what you would say about your work environment and patient experiences and you be ready."
Tim Eppele, RN

"It was fun to brag about all the SAVE work that had been done. Remember to stay focused on topic (for example our group was on safety initiatives)."
Ava Speciale, RN

"Nice to hear great work from other nursing areas - Relax."
Melissa Pritchett, RN

"The opportunity to share how Shared Governance works top down and bottom up with a specific example that integrates all components of the Professional Practice Model. It was invigorating to be able to see improvement simply by empowering nurses and giving us a voice. Don’t be nervous! I am a ball of anxiety for things like this and within the first few minutes I realized there was no need to have wasted so much time being apprehensive. The surveyors were warm and open and made the environment one that allowed for positivity. It’s so exciting hearing about all the great things we accomplish together here!"
Taylor Cady, RN

"How amazing we are as clinicians and how much we feel like a family! So proud of our work. Relax and talk about what makes you proud."
Paula Schenck, RN

"If you talk about what you’re proud of then you will get fewer questions!"
Sarah Ahern, RN

"It was great to hear about all the amazing work our nurses and clinic teams are doing, especially how each area has adapted to patient needs in light of the pandemic in ways that are innovative, collaborative, and patient-focused. I enjoyed be able to share the hard work our committee and our teams have been and continue to do every day. Enjoy this time to showcase the amazing care we provide!"
Jennifer White, RN

"Dr. Rogers interest In our clinical ladder here at UVAH was exciting. Also her interest in how we as nurses help educate the fellows that come every two years and to educate on boarding nurses. Be relaxed, speak to your unit and what makes you happy to be a nurse on that unit."
Renee Harris, RN

"To be able to brag because we have so much to be proud of and so many great people we work with. No pressure. It was easy."
Carol Phillips, RN

"The interviewer was positive and encouraging and allowed us the chance to showcase our accomplishments."
Laurel Geis, RN

"It was very energizing to be able to share some of the exciting things we are doing throughout our dialysis program. It was also neat to see familiar faces from other units. I especially enjoyed the interactive format — it was truly a dynamic discussion! I am so proud of the care we provide to our patients! Just relax and enjoy the experience."
Mary Beth Pemberton, RN

"Liked the chance to share experiences. Share personal experience."
Brittany Davis, RN

"Nurse Educators at UVAH are so supportive. Make sure everyone speaks."
Malcolm Carver, RN

"It was less stressful than anticipated. Ms. Dawson had questions to ask & staff answered. At the end she asked for the things that excited us & our working experience. The platform was very good virtually, as not too overloaded with an abundance of staff. Prep sessions we’re really helpful also."
Rosemary W. Quarles, RN

"The ability to share how we came together as an organization to use our education base as a means to rapidly develop "just in time" training for all nurses to prepare for COVID-19's redeployment and float needs. Raise your card and share what you have! The sooner the better. If they ask a question you can answer just have at it!"
Lauren Bedard, RN

"I was excited to hear about all that is collectively going on within the organization. Palpable energy within the room."
Kris Blackstone, RN

"I attended the interview. Over all it went well. They were very nice. They asked about diversity at UVAH. Policies in place that address diversity and racism. The violence that took place in C'ville. They also wanted to know if we accessed information related to the Magnet application and site visit. I spoke up during the 2 minute highlight and spoke of our 2 pulmonary hypertension moms who gave birth to healthy babies. That it took a village to make sure these women delivered healthy babies successfully. I spoke about one of the mom's reaching out to us about her experience and how grateful she is to have time with her baby and family."
Penny Hall, RN

Wednesday, 9/16/2020:

"It was a nice small group with a variety of specialties. The video conference approach went well with few hiccups. Be comfortable, be confident in your area of specialty - we all know our areas well and have a lot to be proud of sharing. The interviewer was interested in digging up all the good things we do so it’s easy to share our accolades."
Patrick Short

"Enjoyed talking about all the success stories with patients, involvements in committees, and really making a difference within the organization. Relax, speak up, and don’t be afraid to congratulate others in your group, or build on their response."
Jill Francis-Parr, RN

"No pressure! Easy peasy!"
Noelle Turley , RN

"I was excited to showcase all the great work we did around the opioid shortage as well as plug the ERAS program because we touch so many practice areas within the institution. Just relax and talk about all the great things that you and your unit/work area do. This is not the time to be humble, brag all you want!"
Regina Ragland, RN

"It was interesting being in the Human Resources group. I didn’t really know what to expect. They were able to talk about recruitment & I was able to share about retention by way of our DAISY committee. The appraisers were friendly and approachable. Didn’t feel pressured. It was fun to shine a light on UVAH!"
Kimi Campagna, RN

"Amazing projects and ongoing initiatives happening throughout the medial center. Engaging group discussion. Very interactive. Relax YOU got this. It is your work!"
Robbin Shifflett, RN

"The interviewers were very receptive and interactive. Remember to raise your hand to let them know who is speaking.
Amberly Marria , RN

"Helping to help keep our magnet status was exciting. Relax."
Catherine Lynn Nordmeyer, RN

"Interviewer appeared to have insight into CM and genuinely acknowledge our work."
Paula Darradji, RN

"It went smoothly! It was relaxed with no pressure! The interviewer was engaging and set the mood. Just relax and answer to the best of your ability."
Janet Sarnoski, RN

"Like having the opportunity to highlight the growth and evolution of the CM Role. Relax and enjoy the experience."
Dawn Gilmore, RN

"My group was three RNs all of whom have just completed their second year of nursing, and me. I was super proud of how well all three of them spoke to what we do, the complex care we provide, expert resources available, our on-boarding process including neuro core curriculum, our research participation including gemstone, sleep smart and the hill ROM bed research project.  One nurse told a short story about how she provided moral support for a patient utilizing the translation app on her work phone. Patient was tearful and turns out, at that moment, he was just primarily worried about how he was going to get to the toilet.  She comment on caring for the whole person not just their acute medical needs. Reviewer was very impressed and commented on it, somewhat at length, later in our session."
Heather Turner, RN

"Was exciting to speak about quality improvement and patient outcomes with my lovely colleagues. This is the time to brag!"
Renee Wilson, RN

"Sharing all the wonderful accomplishments of 6 East including new drain care standard work which was introduced to other floors in the hospital. Speak loudly, the audio was quieter than expected and be confident. UVA Health has much to be proud of."
Jill Suplita, RN

"The interviewer put us right at ease, no pressure, no direct questions. Engaged in conversations about the unit, the leadership, and education. Prepare to your fullest capacity, but be relaxed and able to speak why your area/unit is amazing."
Patricia Finneran, RN

"Being able to share the great work we do here at UVAH. I have worked here a long time and know that while not everything is roses, we have a pretty amazing place with some amazing workers. Have some examples ready of the good things your unit is doing and be ready to share them."
Donna Randall, RN

"Was excited to help maintain our Magnet status. It is not really bad or difficult. The time goes by quickly. Our interviewer new our area and was very pleasant."
Amy Olinger, RN

"Don't be nervous, the interviewer was very pleasant."

"This was my first time participating in a magnet interview. Don’t stress!! It’s a time to brag!"

"How easily and proudly everyone shared information with the surveyors. How much experience we had in just our group. Relax, listen to the questions, let others have a turn to speak about their teams."
Tracey Gosse, RN

"Having the chance to highlight my team members’ accomplishments and brag on the hard work we do every day - especially amidst a global pandemic with its challenges."
Meredith Farmer, RN

"Being able to reflect on and share everything that we have accomplished as a unit. The interviewer was very informal. Be sure to prepare talking points that will cover all of your “greatest hits” without being asked specific prompting questions.
Mary Farrelly, RN

"Being able to showcase our teams, management group, and all of the hard work we have done this year. Enjoyed meeting the interview panel. Try to relax and not worry about the questions to be asked. We already know our work is exceptional.  Must relax when trying to convey the Information."
Donald Mitchell, RN

"Great discussion, very positive."
Mariah Rogers, RN

"The Magnet appraisers were very friendly and easy to talk to. They were interested in hearing about our practice settings. They wanted to know what was it on the unit that keeps you coming back! Take a deep breath, remain calm and think positive."
Kris Chadwick, RN

"I was very nervous going into the interview. But I was excited to showcase the things our PICU team has done. Just relax and enjoy. They are very kind!"
Megan Pearsall, RN

"Talk about successes. Talk quickly! There is a lot to cover."
Stephanie Brownell, RN

"Excited to brag about my unit. Relax, talk about why you do what you do."
Lyndsey Sinclair, RN

"The interviewer was very interested."

"Liked getting to represent my unit. Don’t stress!"
Katherine Seidl, RN

"Relax. The interview is laid back."
Melanie Graves, RN

"I was excited to discuss my unit and how great of a team we are. Keep answers brief. The available time is very short."
Jaimee Layne, RN

"A chance to represent all the hard work we do. Relax! The time goes by quickly, so have an idea of what you want to say."
Amanda Datesman, RN

"The surveyor was welcoming. Enjoyed sharing all of our great work. Don’t stress over it! It’s time to brag!!"
Kam Aulie, RN

"I was excited to have the opportunity to support my unit. Keep talking about your unit to take up time."

"Plan to talk about what you are most proud of!"
Hannah Coleman, RN

"Obviously time flies-Staff are still reserved in regards to boasting on themselves so continue to encourage. Also hard to recall life pre-Covid. Question were very pointed to quality metrics and asking how staff we’re engaged in creating goals, discussing and being aware of efforts as well shared governance/staff meetings. Queries how professional development was supported. Feel like may be even more beneficial for each staff member to pull 4 bullets from the prep documents instead of trying to reference all that was contained."
Kristi Wilkins, RN

Tuesday, 9/15/2020:

"I love talking about how fantastic my coworkers are! We love this unit and I think it leads to a great patient experience. Don’t stress! The interviewers were so nice and approachable."
Maria Mencini, RN

"I was most excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate our accomplishments. Relax!! Don’t overthink it, you know more than you think you do!"
Autumn Bolton, RN

"Hearing the great work that our nursing team has done / is still doing to improve patient care and empowering nurses. This was a new process for me. I have never been involved in a Magnet interview."
Yvonne Jarvis, RN

"I love bragging about my unit and colleagues. We work on so many projects that promote patient safety and satisfaction and team member growth. I love it when other members of the medical community get excited about our accomplishments. Showing off our VMB was great. Just relax and talk about what you do everyday. The projects are integrated into our everyday care of our patients and families. Magnet interviewers just want to hear how we shine on a daily basis."
Brenda Morrill, RN

"Appraiser was very nice and personable. Relax, think of personal/unit specific examples of project implementation/application of evidence based practice/results."
Jamie Policky, RN

"I was really excited about the question they asked pertaining to what we would do to improve our practice if money was no object.  Questions are straightforward just be honest and stay positive."
Dominique Moore, RN

"I liked how laid back the reviewers were and the examples/answers the participants.  provided. Try to focus on real life experiences and not on what we assume they will want to hear."
Rebekah Melan, RN

"Hearing the amazing work that teams are doing across the health system!"
Sarah Kirby, RN

"Excited for the opportunity to identify our learnings, action plans and outcomes. Speak up and brag ;-)"
Felisha Tyree, RN

"I was inspired by my coworkers. Smile."
Keith Jackson, RN

"The enthusiasm of everyone involved was impressive. I am proud of UVAHEALTH! We spoke about the recent RIE on staffing and how we effectively collaborate with each other. We spoke about how we staffed more beds during COVID with help from our pediatric, PACU, and ambulatory nurses. The Educational support UVA gives to promote professional growth. I left this meeting feeling great! Keep the positive energy going."
Ola Opaleye, RN

"To hear about the inpatient concerns and successes. I work in ambulatory and don't always hear their daily concerns. This was refreshing."
Sonya Hodgen, RN

"Liked hearing what colleagues had to say. Have someone ready at the end to share some positive story. Karen Thomas was great for us."
Cherie Parks, RN

"It was exciting to have the chance to brag about UVAH and acknowledge the many wonderful examples of leadership and service. Don’t be afraid to speak up!"
Jodean Chisholm, RN

"It is wonderful to hear stories of teams pulling together and the great examples of quality improvement. Relax and they were easy to talk to."
Marian Lawson, RN

"Liked that it was not entirely scripted and anyone could tag on to another person's response. Relax!  We have so many great stories of excellence! And don’t worry about saying things have been rough."
Mark Adams, RN

"The best is hearing about the good work done by my colleagues. Everyone should try to speak once."
Matthew Henrich, RN

"Sharing the great work our teams and organization has done and is doing. Hard not to answer all the questions! Make sure you allow time for others to answer questions."
Tina Knicely, RN

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