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About Us  

Abstract Development and Submission (Publication & Presentation Resources)

Academic Progression

Academic Progression Milestone Tool

Academic Progression Roles and Responsibilities

Accountability Plan for Academic Progression

Accredited Nursing Degree Programs

Annual Interprofessional Awards *

Annual Nursing Excellence Awards

Annual Report of the PNSO

APN Resources *

Awards & Recognition



Basic Rhythm - selected staff education

Blood Products - selected staff education

BSN Academic Progression FAQ

Bylaws & Operational Guidelines



Cabinet Summaries *

Calendar of Nursing Operational Initiatives / related Policy & Request form

Care Delivery Model is Relationship-based Care

Career Profile Instructions (previously known as “RN Professional Profile”)

CE Direct Application (on NPDS website)

Centrella beds - selected staff education (more here)

Certification home page

Certification Bonus

Certification Exam Pre-Pay Programs

Certification Name Plates / Wall Plaques

Certification Reimbursement

Certification Review / Preparation

Certification: Approved Certifications List

Clinical Career Ladder

Clinical Career Ladder Handbook – Clinician 1-4  |  Advanced Practice Nurse 1-3

Clinical Career Ladder Instructions, Tutorials & How-To’s

Clinical Career Ladder Mentor List

Clinical Career Ladder Nurse Behavior Grids – Clinician 1-4  |  Advanced Practice Nurse 1-3

Clinical Career Ladder Panelist Resources

Clinical Career Ladder Peer Review Template

Clinical Career Ladder Portfolio Development Resources

Clinical Career Ladder Self Evaluation Template

Clinical Career Ladder Timeline Calendar

Clinical Instructors - Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Commitments *

Clinical Operations Directory (a.k.a. Leadership Directory; CCS Directory; PCS Directory)

Clinical Practice & Quality

Committee Chair List

Committee Meeting Schedule

Committee Member Lists – Central  &  Regional Committees

Committee Organizational Charts – Overall  &  Ambulatory Settings

Competency – Annual Mandatories (on NPDS site)

Contact Hour Resources (on NPDS site)

Continuing Education (on NPDS site)

Core Documents

Critical Care Procedure Manual (on HS Documentation site)

CRRT - select staff education



DAISY Award information & nomination forms *

Dignishield - select staff education

Diversity Statement of the UVA Health System

Downtime Procedures (on HS Documentation site)



ECMO - select staff education (see also Nursing Policy)

Educational Requirements for Nursing (Nursing Policy)

Eloise Dodge Gould Pediatric Nurse Education Award *

Envision / VersaCare - select staff education (more here)

Evidence-Based Practice Symposium – 2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016  |  2015

Evidence-based Practice: Statement  |  Framework  |  Template  &  example *



Flu Vaccine - select staff education 2018 season


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Hazardous Drugs - select staff education; more coming 2019

HR Degree Verification Process FAQ

HUC Awards * (nominations coming Summer for August ceremony)

HUC Orientation Manual

HUC Resources website



Initiative Request Form for Calendar of Nursing Operational Initiatives / related Policy

IV Fluid Overwrap- select staff education 


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Leadership Directory (a.k.a. Clinical Operations Directory; CCS Directory; PCS Directory)

Lippincott Nursing Procedures



Magnet Document (2019 submission)

Medication Administration Standard Schedules / Off Schedule Dosing

Mentorship Programs -  Clinical Career Ladder  |   Clinician 1 Transition to Practice  |     Night Shift Leaders  |  RN to BSN  | 

Monthly Shared Governance Topics



New Graduate Retention Program

News and Calendar

Night Shift Committee & Resources  |  Mentorship for Night Shift Leaders

Nominations for PNSO Office & Elections / Voting Information *

NPDS Website (Nursing Professional Development Services)

Nursing Assistant Appreciation Week 2019

Nursing Cabinet Summaries

Nursing Educational Coordinators (NECs) (on NPDS site)

Nursing Focus Areas (previous site; new site *UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Nursing Honors

Nursing Policies (on HS Documentation site)

Nursing Research

Nursing Research: Active Studies

Nursing Research: Distinguishing between Evidence-based practice, Quality improvement, and Research projects

Nursing Research: IRB Resources

Nursing Research: Program Objectives & Outcomes

Nursing Research: Publications

Nursing Retention Program Overview

Nursing Work Plan



Orientation Resources (on NPDS website)



Pain Resource Manual (on HS Documentation site)

Past Nursing Awards Recipients & Nominations List * (click here for The DAISY Award list)

Patient Experience Team Award (*UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

PCA & PCT Awards    (Nominate here, 4/22-5/20/19) (CNA Week Events 6/17-21/19)

PCA, PCT & RN Committee

Peer Review *  (Click here for Clinical Career Ladder Peer Review Template)

PNSO & Nursing Governance Team Directory

PNSO Home Page

Poster Development for RNs

Practice News cumulative index & archive

Practice/Policy Changes – Process Map

Preceptor Recognition Program

Preceptor Resources (on NPDS website)

Procedural Area Phone Directory (part of Leadership Directory)

Professional Development & Continuing Education

Professional Practice Model for UVA Nursing (PPM)

Progressa - select staff education (more here)

Publication and Presentation Resources


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Relationship-based Care is our Care Delivery Model

Restraint Trainer Manual (on NPDS Competencies site)


Retention homepage Program Overview  |  Retention Data  |  New Graduates

RN to BSN Mentorship Program



Safety Lancets - instructions for use

Selected Staff Educational Resources for Clinical Practice

Self-Care & Resilience

Shared Governance

Shared Governance Monthly Topics

Shared Governance Toolkit

Solidifier for Liquid Waste/Fluid Management

Specimens - select staff education (see also Nursing Policy)

Staff Education Resources for Clinical Practice (selected; more on NPDS site and LMS)

Standard Work Repository (on HS Documentation site)



Team Directory (Nursing Governance Programs)

Thomas Buckley Memorial Endowment Fund *

Thursday BLAST email newsletters (select highlights)

Tuition Support



UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments *

UVA Nursing Careers (HR Recruiting)



Values of UVA Nurses

VanishPoint Blood Collection Sets (needle retraction safety mechanism)

VanishPoint Syringes (needle retraction safety mechanism)

VersaCare / Envision - select staff education (more here)

Vision Statement for Nursing


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